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Those who suffer with sciatica say that the pain came on suddenly, like a bold of lightening. Others describe it as an excruciating "toothache" in their legs - either way sciatica is a painful experience and Newent Osteopaths will be able to help in most cases. Early Sciatic Pain is often so mild it can be ignored but this is the stage when it’s vital to see your osteopath.




The term Sciatica is a general term, which describes pain from irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve that leaves your spine to supply your leg. Its symptoms are generally pain down the back of the legs and can sometimes be felt in the ankles, feet & toes. Even when sciatica originates from the lower part of the spine, low back pain isn’t necessarily present. A prolapsed disc may cause sciatica but there are other conditions, such as the spinal wear and tear of osteo-arthritis that can cause irritation of the sciatic nerve. Sciatic symptoms may include numbness or tingling in one or both legs, occasional shooting pains, and tenderness in surrounding muscles.






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